Mehndi By Remz



To discuss your mehndi package, a consultation prior to the occasion is necessary. A booking is required prior to each consultation. During this consultation, various designs and portfolio of work will be shown to the client and a suitable package will be chosen according to the client’s requirements.

Mehndi can be done not just for weddings, but for decorative purposes too. Incorporating different styles of mehndi, Mehndi by Remz caters for all fun and innovative occasions like corporate events, fashion shows, hen parties, mehndi nights, etc.

The Basic package

This includes an intricate Mehndi design on the palms front & back, together with a simple yet elegant design on the feet.




The Classic Bridal package

Mehndi design for a bride who feels simplicity is best. This package   includes mehndi similar to the indo-moghul style, on both sides of the   hands up to the wrists and feet.




The Elegant Bridal package

Intricate artwork creating contemporary or traditional designs on both   sides of the hands up to the wrists and feet.




The Star Bridal package

For the creative bride seeking the traditional look. This package includes an intricate henna design for those who want more. The henna design are worked up to the elbows in traditional intricate detailed designs. Including a fuller more intricate design on the feet.)  




Mehndi for All

This is a unique opportunity where you can hire out our services for a party or function where you would like all guests to have some henna done on their hands where each side of the hand would have a simple yet elegant design. The service includes simple but intricate henna designs to be done within the hour. (maximum number of people 30)